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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 1, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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[ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. pbout government contracts. 3 3 3 33 3
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the dream act... which would provide in-state tuition or illegal aliens in maryland... is in limbo. opponents of the dream ctthave delivered the last batch of signaturessto the state... the midnight deadline. deadlinnethey've collected an extra 70-thousand signatures... with hopes of overturning the law. that 132 thousand signatures. to the state thurrday night... confident they have more than enoogh to bring thh act to pote. but supporters of the dream aat... aren't going down without a fightt (miles) "get out of our way we will mount a campaign, we will mount an effort that when it comes to referendumm every marylander will bb contactee.. conttcted."(mmdonough) "this is an issue ttaa deserves to beedecided by the vvoers of maryland and that's all thh
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petition drive does." does."opponents of the dream &pact saa they're confident the to get that issue on the res - ballottin 20-12. 160 clericallworkers will be out of a job a johnsshopkins's the latest round pf's because the hospital is transitioning to an electronic medical support system.a spokesperson says those workers could find other jobs within the hospital.. includdng the new clinical building. p plane makks an emergency landing in queen nne's couuty ann look where that landing happened.right in the middle of broad creek on kent island. the plane had engine trruble after taking off from the bay bridge airport. the pilot wasn't able to make it bacc to the airport, so he landed in tte creek. the pilot walked awwy one else was on boord. a women who fell to her death
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hotel in d-c.witnesses say the woman climbee over the railing &plate wednesday night and dangled... then let go.she fell 10 stories to her death. the incident is still under investigaaion. the defense rests it case... in the casey anthony trial... without ever calling the woman at thh center of the murder trial... to the stand. staad.judge: will the defendant be testifyinn? baez: no ir. anthony's decision means jurors will nevvr ear a first-hand account of anthony's contention her daughter drowned... or her contention that her father covered it up... or whether she went along with the scheme because of years of sexual abuse.instead... jurors will have to decide if there's enough evidence... to convict her. now that the defense has rested... the prosecution is cclling rebutttl witnesses. the jury could get the caae as early as this weekend. treasury secretary timothy
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geithner is thinking about calling it quits.sources say geithner is considering adminnstration, but áwon'tá make any decisions until he national debt ceiling negotiations are done.geithner has been head of the president's economic team &ppolitical nalyst mark now.. for calling the preeident a dirty four - letter word on the live t-v. and the preceddnt has been set on this show, ... go ahead, i thought he was kind of a dááá yesterday, oh mm godd delay that... delay that what are yyu doing? i think the president, i ccn't elieve you i was joking i can't believe you, did we delay that? the answer is no, the producers in the control room people aaross tte country heard him call the president a with d... the m-s-n-b- cc analyst offered an immeeiate apology. to be fair scarborough had promised thee were in delay and it would be bleeped, but everyone agrees it was way out of line.
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fireballs, exploding trashcans, and hurling objects from rooftops may sound dangerous.... but when it's all done in the name of science, maabe ww can just call it eduuational. joel d. smith is live at the maryland science center to phow how they're kicking off the "ssmmer of irresponsible science". good morning poel d. good morning megan, (ad lib)
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if you're a smoker.. the chhnces of you getting a job at a major insurance company... is slim to none! none!an arizona hue-mana pwon'tá hire smokerscompany
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officials ayy not only will new hires have to go through a drug test, but also, a nicotine test. "we're an organization that is going to promote healthy behavior and lifestyle and if we don't do it, who's gonna do it?" "and if you're found not be offering you a pooition." then start smoking, humana and says it wiil give you a chance gging through a mandatory people quit.other companies around the country have also smokers.legall xperts say ring - ssoking issnot a ategory ttat it's friday and that means it's yourrturn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. your mind-- and yoor response could air in our ""acebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com ssash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversatiin. coming up on the early
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edition... it's been 25 years since the deatt of maryland basketball star.. len bias... (16645:15) (gimbel) "all thoss athletes wanna get bigger stronger and faster &pfasteryears later... how one proggam is steering kids away druus...
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dollar gas card giveaway sometime this morning- you had all week to entee by liking us on facebook.-stay tuned to see if you won- be sure to "like" us on facebook for your chance to win someeothhr great prizes in future contests. coming up... ver 20 years after the death of a maryland basketball star... the push is on to keep kids off drugs drugs (16:45:15) (gimbel) sports... to keep kids away from drugs.that's in our cover story. 3&((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3
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25-years ago this month... maryland basketball star len bias died of a cocaane overdose. hii ddath rocked the spoots world and served as a wake-up call this morning's cover sttry, - jeff abell examines how the sports world has reeponded.... responded....25-years after hissdeath. death. &p (13:55:05) (13:28:12) (ball bounces and tip off) at the bentalou basketball camp this summee.... (13:27:27) ((oach audio) "come on people, two minute overtime...." there (12:49:50) (catches ball and dribbles) and one
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common dream.... (13:38:21) (abell) "what do yaawanna bb in ten yearr...?" (player) "aabasketball player..." (13:35:300 (playyr) "a basketball player..." (12:38:400 (nats) "ugh" (ball hits rim) while the ggme of basketball consumes their principlls from the game of life..... (13:38:06) "listen.,...remember. ....ooexcuses...." that (12:42:30) (bennett) "we don't consist offyou haveeto make he nba or you 're gonna make the nba...just use it as a tool for your future, whats your plan b....?" (4:14:35) (abell) "for many athlltes, sports is their teetation of drugs. but for -3 others, history has ppoven its the enemy..." (16:22:05) (announcers file) "len bias with 29. oh my what aaplay. holy cow...!" 25-yeaas ago, university of maryland stand-out len bias rocked the world with his talent on the court.... anddthen sttnned the world with hii death. a cocaineeoverdose cost hhm his life....just hours aater biaa was ddafted by the pro's.... (16:50:47) (gimbel) "when len bias ied it was
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whoas....this is aaone-ttme are everywhere in sports....." (17:25:28) (archive) "and bonds hit one high...." it seems, in the past 25-years, every sport has a ssar who's on the defensive... ccemens.... (17:10:16) "let me be clear. i've never &ptaken steriods or hgh...." to track starrmarian 3 jones. (17:28:10) (jones archive) "i hhve ever ever used performaace enhancing drugs...." jones later admitted her guilt.... but it has done ittle to slow substance abuse in sports. (16:45:15) (gimbel) "all those athletes wanna gge bigger stronger and faster and performance enhancing drugs make you bigger, stronger and paster..." (16:35:03) (archive jose canseco) "forget about stopping the use of thinking about the use of t - steriods thats where t starts...." its almost impossible to gauue the extent of illegal drugs in sports.... but in 25-years, its costs some athletesstheir
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careers.....thers... theerrrives. (16:51:07) (gimbel) "weelost our guardd down and we allowed the worlds problems to come into sports..." (nats camp) thats why in west 3 this camp....goes far beyood basketball... (13:08:35) "listen, remember, and no excuses..." davon usher is a coach t this camp. (13:15:55) "thats me when i was seven..." it wasn't too long ago, when he was learning the lessons here.... (13:12:38) "the same words we tell them is the same words i heard ten years ago...." he credits those words with steering him away from the temptattons of sports.... ushee now plays college ball.... (13:30:54) &p"nine....eight....." but this summer, he's teaccing the game of life..... (13:41:18) (girll "i really like it here...." p13322:09) "7,6,5,4,3..." jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. next in sports... sports...nexx n spprts....- sports...the orioles begin the process of locking up their shortstop long term...we've
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got the details... ((break 3)) 3
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bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour...
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anddsome shocking words from "octomom" nadys uleman.why she's calling her kids "disgusting animals." you're watching fox 45 morning nees.. all local.. all
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